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Hi there, my name is Nikki and I welcome you to my website. 2Wellbeing has been my passion for over 20 years but I did not know to what extent that business idea would look like in full detail until now, but it is still a work in progress as I evolve myself! Life over the last 20 years has taken me off and then back onto this path in various forms.

I want to tell you my background as I think my history is important because it will show you how and why I am here. You can decide if I am the person who is key to helping you change your life and get you onto the correct ideal lifestyle path for you. I really do hope you will decide to invest in your life and future.

In 2000 I decided to go back to Uni after dropping out a few years prior and complete what I thought was my passion, Marine Biology. Being a uni student and renting on my own meant finances were very tough and one day an ad in the paper caught my attention. It was a work from home ad and I thought great, perfect solution, I could work from home 2 days a week in addition to my part-time job to help cover my expenses so I could still be a full time uni student. I jumped onto their website and it totally blew me away. I loved everything I read and said yes!

The next day I got a phone call from a lovely lady who was my sponsor and she explained the products in detail and I thought great, health is a must for everyone. She convinced me to pay $400 up-front to qualifty as a "Senior Consultant" so that I got a 35% discount on the products which meant that was my profit margin when I sold the products to customers. I loved the sound of that and put it all on my credit card (I had not even tried the products myself but faith said go for it).  (This should have been a red-flag but I was naive & young so first mistake putting that much money onto a credit card and believing that is the only way).

My next job once the products arrived was to keep a small portion for myself, to become a product of the product, and then sell the rest. And she said the best way to sell is first directly to family and friends, which is true we love to share positive experiences and ideas which sound promising to those we love and hopefully will support us on our new endeavours.

My family and friends jumped on board and we all started to enjoy better health. Now let me stop here and explain something about my health before I touched any of these products. From the age of 5 to until I was about 25 I had chronic bronchitis (twice a year, every year without fail & for 3 weeks each time). I became a vegetarian when I was 15 years old and once I hit my 20s really looked for solutions to ensure I was really looking after myself. I was really fit, toned and had lots of energy, despite still getting sick twice a year (with bronchitis), frequent colds and also suffering from IBS. I was eating an abundance of healthy foods so could not justify how looking after myself was still allowing me to get sick.

Let's now go back to the year 2000 (I was 24yrs old at this stage). I commenced with, let's call it Company H, mid year and was in my 2nd year of my science degree. After 6 months of relentless advertising (which I had to fork out in both time and money) for ads in people's letterboxes, on street poles, at traffic lights, A-Frame boxes around peak traffic hot spots, wearing a badge on my bag or top to advertise Company H, I had generated a reasonable income of $150 per month (this was great for a uni student back then) but it actually cost me about $800 a month in expenses (yearly membership fees, monthly trainings, advertising, phone number and behind the scenes training platform via that phone number, bank fees, merchant fees for accepting credit cards, rent, utilities, petrol etc). Yes I was naive to the business world. Whilst some debt is great, some is not, especially when it keeps racking up year after year (this was mistake number two!).

After a year of doing the business I thought I was doing okay, my sponsor kept me pumped by saying success will come and the money will follow. I had about 20 regular customers and about 3 business builders and it was the last year I ever got bronchitis. I really believed all that great extra nutrition I was putting in, cleared up my immune system (which stems from our digestive system). I wish my finances had that same success as my health!

Fast forward to the year 2007 and the downline (about 6 business builders and their team) I had built over the last 7 years I had lost (as I did not requalify to my upgraded, 50% discount level of "Supervisor"). Mistake number three - a company should not expect or allow this inequality of different customers paying different prices or having to fork out so much money to requalify! I was left with 1 business builder, who was only new, and of my 68 customers I was now only down to 18 as people come and go. Each year from 2001 until 2006 I was encouraged by my sponsor to put approx. $5000 worth of products on my credit card in one month to achieve the 50% discount level/profit level.

I actually racked up a debt of approx. $9000 per year (mistake number four) and my income never went above $1200 per year but my sponsors never told me to stop, they kept pumping me with enthusiasm that success will follow all the hard work I had put in. Yet, no red flags were waving, still was very naive to MLM and direct selling and the big one, forking out a lot of money up front!!

Reality set in that I was in over my head in debts (I racked up a $30,000 loan and about $25,000 in credit card debts) just to keep paying for all "the essential business tools and compulsory items" but I realised that this business model was not about helping people at all (should have been the first red flag and mistake but as I said, I was young and didn't know anything about business) and I never really qualified to any of the leadership levels either. This was not how you teach people to become successful, so I QUIT despite loving the products.

From about 2008 to about 2012 I tried my luck with other online opportunities, most had monthly fees but rarely offered anything in return. All up I probably spent another $10,000 trying to be successful in network marketing/direct selling fields. They all had unfair compensation plans. No equality in the business no matter when you started. Then I just had to accept that I was never going to get ahead in life financially and enjoy the lifestyle I wanted (which was not materialistic), just enough for me to be comfortable, able to travel regularly and help the lives of people who need it the most, and most of all money to be able to adopt/foster kids who needed stability and love. I didn't make it in the field of science (never did my PhD), so moved into the field of finance from 2006 to 2013.

I was still feeling really disillusioned as I knew I wanted to work from home earning more than I thought possible & I wanted to be having an impact on others in their overall wellbeing, not just physical health, but financial and social etc. and I was sick and tired of being in office jobs, where it is easy to put on weight (sitting down all day and an unhealty snack bar at your disposal). I wanted to be actively out there in the world helping people and making a difference to their lives but I didn't know how or what to do anymore. As I had moved states twice it became increasingly difficult to get work always starting from scratch.

I had managed to find 3 part-time jobs to try and earn a full time income but my expenses were always more than my income (remember I had a large debt to pay off) but could never get that break. They say work hard and the money will follow, yeah sure!

Late in 2013 I was approached by a friend who said to me in a genuine and caring manner, I have something for you that may help you out financially (with no financial risk at all and no selling). After trying to succeed in MLM with about 20 different companies I said no thanks. I kept dismissing the opportunity for another 6 months.

In May 2014 my friend went to Germany to speak in front of 5000 people as she had qualified to GOLD in her business (2nd highest leadership level)! We had coffee and a catch up when she got back and I was amazed by her story (from how she started with the company when she was living on an Island off Spain and then how she brought it into Australia). She told me about one of her direct uplines, who is still the most successful leader in this company to date after nearly 21 years!!! (15* Diamond earning a couple of million per year minimum) and it blew me away.

I knew then and there, there was something in this. This was and IS an achievable business model (no financial risks (unlike Company H) and an amazing company, the founders are amazing people who have a genuine need to help people). The fantastic upline leader, let's call her Gabi S was in the same prior company (Company H) as me and also felt frustrated by the compensation plan and having to buy products to then "sell". I received her book to read and loved it. I thought, this is it, the company I had been looking for, for 14 years.

I started in June 2014 with the products (despite the fact I still have not had bronchitis since I was 25), I had gone back to getting colds yearly when I moved to WA. I also suffered from chronic inflammation and pain in both my knees (due to an injury when I was 30 yrs old) and had put on weight after suffering from depression (relationship breakup and miscarriage when I was 33 years old which led me into very deep depression and I tried to end my life as I saw no meaning to be here).

All I had to do was get started with one anchor product that was also a baseline product for our health, so an everyday essential item of full nutritional needs for our body, because today's foods do not give us the full spectrum anymore. I have never looked back. I have had only 4 colds in the last 6 years (despite my co-workers getting sick constantly and we worked in close proximity in cubicles) and have lost weight (7kg and 42cm) and the biggest thing for me, have not had 1 night of waking up in immense pain (that is a very big thing for me as my knee injury occured 15 years ago and I spent 8 years in constant pain).

The company is amazing, transparent, full equality, and love meeting their customers in person and spoil you when you do travel to either their head office in the US or Europe. I think it is now more important than ever, that you put your health first. With lifestyle being one of the biggest factors contributing to disease and illness, and since going through a pandemic, people need to now focus on changing their diets, lifestyles and attitudes. If you already suffer from chronic disease, metabolic issues, illness, your body is screaming for you to change your lifestyle.

What is the worse that can happen, you learn more about me as a person and you learn about the company and products and you say no and miss out on improving your health. Remember it takes time to be healthy just like it takes time for illness to develop. Nothing is an overnight cure. The best case, you and I become friends and we share a business together or you just become another one of my happy customers (185 to date). I work personally with you via skype or in person, through a simple concept of referral marketing (imagine that, telling someone about a product, they buy it, and also tell others about it, and earn commission from sharing information with someone you care about. Because it is truly up to us to ensure our life is balanced 2Wellbeing!

Nikki xx